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Indie Music Awards Nominee, songs appearing in Breaking Bad, Saints Row The Third, Saints Row IV, Sons of Anarchy, and countless network television shows. Frontman of The Milky Way. Collaborators include Ski Beatz, Needlz, Jesse Shatkin, Nate Donmoyer, Blockhead, P.U.D.G.E, DK The Punisher, Yamin Semali and other luminaries.

Sumkid's first tattoo was a hexagram from the I Ching. He split it in half, into two trigrams, and put a trigram on each arm. When translated, the symbol meant "Look Up", and it would be a reminder to him that even when feeling oppressed,  observe the heavens and learn the lessons. Around the same time he got this tattoo, a strange old wiseman who "saw things" told him, "You have no idea who you are yet... you're the alchemist. But you still have a long way to go." Years later, Sumkid learned that one arm's trigram symbolized heaven, and the other arm was earth, and that his body was the connection between the two. It was right around this time he shortened his name to "SUM", which means "heart" in at least one language. And so it was that SUM ("the heart") became an aware connector between heaven and earth, and made it his life's work to report on his findings through song. At the time of course, he didn't realize he was underqualified for the position. But he took it on anyway...

Many years passed, SUM learned a dozen skills that would help him become an expert writer, vocal chameleon and digital explorer. He brushed shoulders with giants, learned from their legends and wove them into his tapestry. He started a band, worked with his heroes, earned awards and become what some might consider a formidable lyricist. His range and work as a "man-of-many-faces" landed his cloaked voice in countless TV show episodes and even a few major videogames. After a chance encounter that involved the Rolling Stones, his stage presence amplified, and fans would leave The Milky Way shows inspired to be great. Even still, he found himself just on the fringes of notoriety and acceptance, a sort of paper tiger by the campfire, never truly accepted by the conventional acceptors. Sumwhere... between the spotlight and the shadows, and never all the way behind the scenes. Thinking he might attract with fireworks, he embraced his patron beast, the Dragon - a symbol of ferocity, compassion, relentless drive, leadership and magic. Dragon taught him a lot, but was a very expensive teacher. Becoming the Dragon was sort of a spiritual bootcamp... storms were weathered, bonds were broken, and phantoms would appear with promises that could never be kept. There were epiphanies in darkness, and no one around to share them with. But no matter what happened, SUM kept whittling away at his crafts. Faithful, persistent, and always in love with the work. 

He added the "killa" to his online handles in homage to his grandfather, affectionately called "The Killer" by his college football team, because of how hard he hit on the field. SUM infused this spirit of power and precision into his expression and the "sumkilla" digital persona was born. This persona is now the spirit behind a number of Twitter accounts for popular shows and brands.

One day, gazing up from the infinite space between written bars, he looked over his shoulder and realized he had created a tiny empire. Indeed, some have called Aquarian Dragons "The Fun Loving Conquerors". The Milky Way was a band of loved ones, and it gave him a chance to channel the cosmic for an enchanting live experience. Digital Action Committee allowed him to be of service to humanity, just as his mentors taught him. Precious Metals Creative gave his left-brain a space to be entrepreneurial without the limitations or holding patterns of music business.

And at the core of it all was SUM ... the anxious, urgent, searching, beating heart that could never stop creating, or "looking up" for inspiration and the perfect song.

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