2020 Foresight + 18 Gems From 2018

“....lately i been prayin for mentors

To guide me thru the shark infested waters and shit storms

... soon as i got what i thought that i sent for

They shrug sayin they aint never gone where i been before

I'm in for it...

so i follow the dog star...and whistle hard past the graveyard till my lips sore

I hear warriors still drum like calypso and scream along voice half horse like a centaur i been gone...

whole life on the outskirts

Tryna get inside but forgot what i come ‘fo

Cant relate to nerds, rap dudes, or dumbfolk

never been a cool kid but i been gunsmoke dont come close..”

Sum - The Great X

I don’t post or email much these days. Those of you who’ve been with me a while can remember when I’d go hard on emails, blogs and social posts. Not extra, but just enough to check in. Let you know where my heart was ...and where my mind might be going. Open it up to hear updates from you. For those just getting to know me in recent years, this is somewhat of a return to form for me. It’s the most natural for me. I do miss it...

I’ve ramped this down considerably the last couple years. I don’t like contributing to noise pollution. Everyone has a platform now, and all voices are pumping at the same volume. Even the uninitiated voices. Plus I feel I shouldn’t bother you until I have something substantial to say, or a new work to present. I’ve wanted to focus on the work(s) and let the projects talk for me. But how can the works speak if they don’t get your attention? How do I get your attention if I don’t hit you up? How can I hit you up without contributing to noise pollution? How are the platforms we use being used against us? What really happened to Mr Eko?

Since 2016 I worked towards building Digital Action Network, putting together the Shiva The Destroyer experience and embarking on a new marketplace concept called The Obsidian. My professional life took fantastic turns I never would have expected. Virginia Tech Libraries took me in as their first artist and entrepreneur in residence. The Milky Way took to LinkedIn billboards across the country and got support from the Pledgemusic band incubator. Oh, and other cool billboard opportunities. Most importantly, I became a father.

My dream is to create a new model of creativity that other artists in the future can look at as a possible blueprint, or learn from. It may or may not work. But the mission is to live up to the example my mentors and heroes set before me, so I have to try. The going is often isolated, and you are misunderstood or miscategorized even by those close to you. What makes it all worth it is the love that never leaves. And that’s those of you who have read along this far. Those that contributed to the Digital Action Network fundraiser, support my Patreon every month, got behind the Shiva The Destroyer campaign or took the 34 minutes to check out “Whatever Doesn’t Kill Me Better Keep Running”.


I am writing because to turn the next corner and level up, I might have to go a little further underground for a quick second. Maybe less emails and posts in 2019. I’m giving myself room to backslide on that, only if I figure out a truly productive way to engage on socials; that could happen at any time. For now, I’d like to think I will keep it minimal until I have a new beast for you, and all of my current projects are fully baked. I am predicting a year.

So until the year 2020 (or next week, who knows), here are 18 gems from 2018:

  1. Try answering any flavor of “what do you want?” with the word “freedom”. Even at the street meat spot.

  2. Moving around freely with your head up your own ass is not freedom, but if you happy I won’t judge.

  3. Knowing the difference between a comrade, an ally and an advocate is critical. Definitions may vary based on your personal universe.

  4. If Youth is wasted on the Young, Wisdom might be wasted on the Washed.

  5. If they don’t respond to your follow-ups, keep hitting them until they pony up and act like adults. Don’t let people play games with your confidence because they forgot how to treat people they can’t see. Also, pony up and respond to people following up with you.

  6. Learn social cues so you can learn when to ignore them.

  7. Keep those close who encourage you to be your best self more often than they discourage you from being offensive. Both take the same effort.

  8. If you need support and you are worried about people not checking on you, get out of your feelings and speak up for yourself. It’s on you.

  9. Just about anything can be medicine if you wire yourself to accept things that way.

  10. Heart is accepting your role in what’s wrong with the world and working to fix it.

  11. Clothes are to pajamas what freelancers are to consultants.

  12. Behind being a father to my daughter and a husband to my wife, the greatest honor I received this year was to be a mentor (or asked to be one). I hope all of you can experience this honor at some point in your lives if you haven’t already.

  13. Never be discouraged from releasing your works. You are helping to balance and raise the vibrations on the planet, and all life is depending on this balance. Even if you feel it’s going into the void. Update, there is no void, just an ever growing and evolving ecosystem that will ultimately benefit from diversity.

  14. We have come too far to keep putting grapes in curry chicken salads, cut that shit out.

  15. We are heading into dangerous territory with intolerance of opposing viewpoints, even if they are “toxic”. Utopia in a bubble will run out of air.

  16. New hip-hop and hip-hop adjacent music is amazing. In some ways, now more than ever. I’d consider this a new golden era. Gen Z and Alpha Gen are gonna kill it, keep an eye on them.

  17. Now’s not a good time to be a hero. It’s a good time to be a hero-maker though.

  18. Continue observation of nature to find peace and solutions.

Peace, love and thanks from Sumworld. You’ll hear from me when I have something to report. Until then take care of yourselves and each other.

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Whatever Doesn't Kill Me Better Keep Running

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Tensions and emotions are high right now, -- so high in fact, I decided to drop two songs in one day because I felt like they might have messages in them some of us could use immediately. Beyond my music, you can find me doing my part to dismantle oppressive structures at Digital Action Committee. We are looking for volunteers for our first campaign. Find out more at the site.

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