The Nobody Hole new key art.jpg

The Nobody Hole is a dark hip-hop opera in three acts, written by SUM between 2005 and 2006 with music composed entirely by Brooklyn-based producer Badtouch. It is exactly 60 minutes long. It is not a loose concept album, but rather a literary work set to music. Since 2006, it has been slow labor of love. The project is just as much about the artwork accompaniment as it is about the music itself. Between 2006 - 2011, The Nobody Hole was celebrated by an annual festival of events affectionately called "The Nobody Ball", which has covered everything from animatic screenings and masquerades in Manhattan, to live performances in Los Angeles. I eventually consolidated all existing artwork into one long "animatic" around 2011.

Borrowing themes from Alice in Wonderland, Edgar Allan Poe, Star Wars, ancient mythologies, fables and many other influences, The Nobody Hole is a melting pot of creativity. Now you can experience it all here in one place.


Produced entirely by Badtouch. Written and Performed by Sum. Narration by Nzinga Kadalie.

Free Download of the entire Nobody Hole, full songlist and lyrics all available at: Artwork by Doug Hoffman, Jared Rogness, Jeff Hurst and Jerome Lewis All Music by Badtouch, Narration by Nzinga Kadalie