Whatever Doesn't Kill Me Better Keep Running

Welcome to the new site. Please bump around, scroll through. Get acquainted with the lil corners. Before leaves start changing color this year (if they do), you'll have a new solo piece from me entitled "Whatever Doesn't Kill Me Better Keep Running". Kind of an album? A mixtape? A compilation. Iono. Whatever it is, it features illustrious guests like Black Thought, Yamin Semali, Ikey Owens, Chris Merritt, and productions from the likes of Cazal Organizm, DK The Punisher, P.U.D.G.E., The Milky Way and more. 

Tensions and emotions are high right now, -- so high in fact, I decided to drop two songs in one day because I felt like they might have messages in them some of us could use immediately. Beyond my music, you can find me doing my part to dismantle oppressive structures at Digital Action Committee. We are looking for volunteers for our first campaign. Find out more at the site.

In the meantime, enjoy the tunes - courtesy of The Hurting Cats Music Solutions.