Whatever Doesn't Kill Me Better Keep Running [EP]

Whatever Doesn't Kill Me Better Keep Running [EP]


Presented by The Hurting Cats Music Solutions, 2017

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New EP by SUM. 

Features The Milky Way, Chris Merritt, Yamin Semali, Ikey Owens and more. 

Production by JAWA, D.K. The Punisher, Ikey Owens, 414Beg, Cazal Organizm and Yamin Semali.


Executive Producer: Roshmond "Sum" Patten

A&R: Glenn Case, Alex Gloworld, Noho Fidel

Co-Executive Produced by: 
Kristina Armendaris, Tah Phrum Duh Bush, Glenn Case, Cindy Chavez, Jeff Fearn, Ron Frazier, Mtume Gant, Adam Licker, Liberata Maroon, Christopher Miller, nomithy, Tendai, Nyochoto, Clyde Patten, Undakova, Alex Ward, Troy Wright

All songs Mixed & Mastered (unless otherwise noted) by Yamin Semali for Yen Dollar Music

1,3,4,5,6 Vocals recorded by Sean "Molman" McDonald at Kill The Messenger Studios, Santa Monica

2,7 Vocals recorded by Antoine Arvizu at The Compound Studio, Long Beach